A: You can simply send a request to support to delete or deactivate your account via the contact us page

A: You can write a review after the requirement/proposal date has expired. Simply go to the user's profile to leave a review.

A: Vendor's can be found through our powerful search tool either on the Bridal Plexus home page or your dashboard.

A: The dashboard is a essential in assisting you in planning. It is your central hub to accessing all your planning tools.

A: Guest lists can be created only after an event has been created.

A: You can create an event via the menu option on your dashboard

A: Vendors provide a wide range of services need for weddings and events.

A: You can contact a vendor via the in-app chat and messaging feature. Simply navigate to the vendore profile page.

A: You can rate and leave a review for a vendor after services have been rendered.

A: Payments are managed through the Bridal Plexus payment system. You are advised not to make payments to vendors outside the app.

A: Proposals are customer requirements that become available to vendors to either accept or decline service.

A: The budget tracker is used to effectively manage financial resources allocated to an event. It gives both a detailed and graphical analysis of a customers budget.

A: To set your budget, click on profile and edit your initial set budget or access your budget tracker via the menu option on your dashboard.

A: Yes, changes can be made at any time via the budget tracker tool

A: No. This feature is currently unavailable

A: Guest lists can be created only after an event has been created.

A: You can import guest list from the create guest list screen. There will be an option to import from your connected social network sites or from a CSV file.

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